"hey, what's working at Curatable.Co like?"

“Efficient, protected and hassle-free” are the three words our talent, P , used to describe what Curatable is like.

Wonder why?

Read on to find out what it is like working at Curatable from her point of view!

Q: What is your role at Curatable.Co?

A: I am a talent under Curatable.Co. I have done freelance work in mostly graphic design.

Q: Tell us what it's like working on a project with Cuaratable.Co.

A: I would usually be given projects and each project can vary depending on the client’s demands. But across all projects, it can be expected of a talent to liaise with the client and use their skills to come up with creative work to enhance their marketing efforts.

Q: Describe working under Curatable.Co in 3 words.

A: Efficient, Protected and Hassle-free

Q: What is the commitment like as a talent?

A: It is quite flexible, unlike other part time jobs where there is a minimum commitment of 3 months and certain hours to clock in every week. I think that Curatable.Co offers that flexibility because it is per project basis and you can take on projects whenever you are free.

Q: What does a day in your life look like?

A: I am currently interning so I will work 9-6 sometimes at the office, sometimes at home. Usually during my lunch hour I will get a bit of my freelance work done, so I would read through the client’s feedback on my previous rendition and figure out what are my next steps. After work, I would usually use it to do things that I like: binging shows, scrolling tiktok. If I am engaged with a project with Curatable.Co at that time, I would spend 1-2 hours on that project after work as well.

Q: What is one thing you love about working at Curatable.Co?

A: Definitely the sense of security, that you know that you have a team that would ensure you receive fair treatment if there were ever disputes between you and the client. They also handle the legal documentations so that I can focus on producing the best work and not worry about whether I get paid on time.

Q: Who do you go to at Curatable.Co if you face any problems?

A: The first person I would go to is the project manager. The project manager varies from project to project but going to him/her would be the best option because he/she has a good understanding of the project and the clients and would be at the best position to help.

Q: What made you want to work at Curatable.Co?

A: I was looking to earn some money whilst still studying but couldn’t really commit to a strict part time working schedule. Especially since I have basic knowledge of graphic design and would like to grow my portfolio, Curatable.Co was an excellent choice.

Q: Share one thing you learnt from your time working with Curatable.Co.

A: Learning how to be professional. I think that it’s something that we don’t really get to learn in school and Curatable.Co offers that real-world experience. You learn how to be quick on your feet and how to resolve conflicts efficiently.

Q: Take us through the process of receiving and working on a project.

A: Usually, I would be contacted by either Ryan, the CEO or Teresa, the Marketing Lead. They would ask if I was available to take on a project that just came in and I would let them know if I was available. Once agreeing to take on the job, they would add me into a groupchat with the Project manager (from Curatable) and the client. From there, I will receive a creative brief detailing the deliverables of this particular project. After that, I would have to start on the rough sketch then draft 1, draft 2 and the final artwork. With Curatable.Co you (client) are protected under their 2 free revisions model, any revisions after that would incur an additional cost.

With Curatable, ‘efficiency’ is illustrated through the organised processes.

‘Protected’ is felt through the sense of security we provide to our talents.

And ‘hassle-free’ is shown through how we take care of the details of each and every project,ensuring that our talent is able to focus their energy in producing the best work so that clients receive premium results. Only the best for you at Curatable.Co.

Start today, start now at Curatable.Co!

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