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We used Curatable to do an animation video for an event that required a short turnaround time. The team at Curatable  managed the project effectively by meeting our tight deadline and also ensured the work was of high quality.

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How Curatable ensures top talent on our Platform

Our vetting and selection process:

1. Portfolio Assessment

The selection process starts with a comprehensive online application and portfolio assessment conducted by the Curatable Team. The team takes into account past jobs, school projects, and previous design experience for the intitial assessment.

2. Design Evaluation Exam

Next, the team evaluates the technical ability of the students, including software proficiency, ability to accurately follow a design brief as well as adhere to timelines set.

This will be carried out with an internal design project (mock exam) to be completed within a stipulated time period.

3. Live Interview

The candidate will go through a comprehensive live interview where the team will assess their communication skills, personality, and technical knowledge to ensure they are a good fit to Curatable.

4. Expert Panel Review

The team will aggregate the information collected into a report that is then evaluated by our Expert Panel, consisting of industry professionals across the relevant industries.

5. Onboarding Test

After being selected and approved by the Expert Panel, the candidate must take and pass an internal course to verify that they are familIar with the operational rules and quality standards of Curatable.

6. Ongoing performance monitoring

Curatable will constantly evaluate and assess the performance of every student, providing re-training or letting go of low-performing student talents.